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Des films lesbiens avec des protagonistes racisées trouvé ici (certains ont deja été signalé mais je laisse toute la liste)


saving face – two chinese american women (thiS MOVIE IS MY FAVORITE I LOVE IT SO MUCH)
pariah – black american woman
mosquita y mari – brown chicanas
i can’t think straight – palestinian-jordanian woman and indian-british woman – i just watched this and was squealing the whole time
yes or no – thai women, very silly movie!
the world unseen – indian-south african women
Also circumstance – iranian women.
The Chinese Botanist’s Daughter is a French/ Canadian movie but stars two Chinese protagonists.
Fire is a really good Indian movie.
Butterfly also has Chinese protagonists. The ending is semi-happy as in the original couple doesn’t stay together. I thought it was really good, though.
Spider Lilies has Taiwanese women and it’s directed by a Taiwanese lesbian. It’s an emotional movie but it has a happy ending!
Sancharram (The Journey) stars Indian women. Also really good.
Fish and Elephant is the first lesbian movie from Mainland China
Tuli is one of the only girl x girl films from the Philippines and has a really sweet ending (you can watch it here)

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